Résumé Assistance

Your résumé can be one of the strongest determining factors in a successful job interview. As a result, having your résumé ready and polished before you begin your search for a career is a definite must. A résumé is an organized summary of your qualification, skills, experiences, and ambitions. It should touch on all things which influence your qualifications for a particular job or type of employment including career focus, hands-on skills and training, and academic preparation (i.e. co-ops, internships, paraprofessional summer work and/or part-time experiences). The information within each résumé can be organized differently for each individual, but some of the most common categories are:

  • Employment Objective
  • Experience
  • Skills Profile
  • Certifications
  • Education
  • Educational Highlights
  • Professional Memberships
  • Publications

Note: Your Employment Objective always comes first. The order in which the other categories are listed on the résumé is determined by how directly related they are to the objective.

The Traditional Résumé

There are two basic types of the traditional résumé: chronological and functional. The format you choose depends on your employment background.

  • Chronological: Listing qualifications starting with the most recent and working back through the years.
  • Functional: Highlighting abilities and potentials rather than work history.

Note: You may combine the chronological and functional résumés. It does not have to be one or the other. Students interested in having a booklet of sample résumés may pick one up in the Resource Library located in the Career Development Office.

Résumé Styles

Profile by Projects Sample
Profile by Skills Sample
Internship Sample

Sample Résumés

Click here to view The Perfect Résumé slide show.

Career Services has a collection of sample résumés that describe almost every possible thing for most of the majors offered by LeTourneau. Follow the link below to view a sample résumé or stop by Career Services to view more available sample résumés and speak with a career counselor about your own résumé.

Aeronautical Science - Engineering Sample  
Aeronautical Science - Flight Sample  
Aeronautical Science - Maintenance Sample  
Business Sample Additional Sample
Christian Ministries Sample  
Computer Engineering Sample  
Computer Science Sample


Education - Elementary Sample Additional Sample
Education - Secondary Sample  
Engineering - Electrical Sample Additional Sample
Engineering - Mechanical Sample Additional Sample
Engineering - Welding Sample  
Engineering - Technology Sample  
Finance Sample  
History/Political Science Sample  
Math Sample  
MBA Sample  
Psychology Sample  

Résumé Links

Still Haven't Found What You Need?

Career Services has a library full of useful guides for writing résumés! Come visit us in the Student Affairs Building on campus.