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**For students who have successfully completed LETU2073 Personal and Professional Assessment, there is no cost to submit a Prior Learning Portfolio. For all other students, there is a $125 Portfolio Assessment Fee due at the time the Portfolio is submitted**


Portfolio Information

LeTourneau University is pleased to offer the opportunity to earn college credit for college-level learning which has taken place outside the traditional classroom setting for credit toward your degree at LeTourneau University. Through the LETU Learning Portfolio process, you can petition for a block of elective credit through the following categories:

  1. Professional Courses   (Taken individually or through an employer. Examples are workshops, conferences, on-the-job trainings, continuing education courses, seminars.)
  2. Professionally Accredited Colleges and Schools   (Courses taken at colleges or schools which are not regionally accredited. Examples are business schools, career or technical schools.)
  3. Licenses and Certifications   (That required coursework to obtain.)
  4. Life Learning Essays

Other Information






Portfolios and questions can be submitted
to PLA@letu.edu.