How To Compile My LETU Learning Portfolio

**For students who have successfully completed LETU2073 Personal and Professional Assessment, there is no cost to submit a Prior Learning Portfolio. For all other students, there is a $125 Portfolio Assessment Fee due at the time the Portfolio is submitted**


How to Compile the LETU Learning Portfolio for Elective Credit

Required Order of Contents
Portfolios must be assembled in the following order:

  1. Cover Page
  2. Portfolio Completion Checklist and Statement of Authenticity
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Resume
  5. Portfolio Assessment Request Form
  6. Petition for Credit Form(s) in the following order as applicable:
    1. Professional Courses
    2. Professionally Accredited Colleges and Schools
    3. Licenses and Certifications
    4. Life Learning Essays
  7. Documentation showing completion, hours and content for each course should be inserted in the same order as listed on the Petition for Credit form(s)
  8. Learning Outcome Statement(s) (Learning Outcome Statements not needed to submit for a Life Learning Essay) and /or
  9. Life Learning Essay(s)

Forms to Include





How to Submit:

Compile all required documents for the portfolio, scan and email as one PDF file to PLA@letu.edu.