Formal Complaint Form

LeTourneau University Formal Written Student Complaint

This form enables a prospective or enrolled student to submit a formal, written complaint after informal methods have not successfully brought about resolution.  According to the Student Complaint Policy, this form will be submitted to the Office of the Provost and entered in the Student Complaint Log.  The information will then be forwarded to the appropriate Cabinet Level Officer responsible for consideration and action in a timely manner.  For complete information regarding the student complaint process, please review the process available at www.letu.edu/complaints.

Complainant Information:

Information about you as the individual submitting the complaint, not the individual(s) who are the subject of the complaint.

Full Name:*
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Complaint Information:

Please include as many details as you can regarding the location, date and time, context of, and individual involved in your complaint.

Full Description of Complaint: *
Attempts Made toward Informal Resolution:*
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Formal Written Complaint Procedures

  1. A student who wishes to lodge a formal complaint with the University must complete and submit the Formal Written Student Complaint Form available online at www.letu.edu/complaintform (link to the left).
  2. Clicking "submit" sends the form to the Office of the Provost who will log the information and forward it to the appropriate cabinet level officer for action.
  3. The cabinet level officer will send a written acknowledgment to the student within five working days indicating: (1) that the complaint has been received, (2) the nature of the complaint, and (3) that the student will receive a written response after deliberation within approximately ten working days.  A copy of the acknowledgment letter will be sent to the Office of the Provost.
  4. The cabinet level officer will assign the investigation and resolution of the complaint to the administrator overseeing the area of complaint or consider the matter themselves.
  5. The complaint will be investigated, including the source, consideration of previous efforts to resolve the issue, and evaluation of any circumstances surrounding the event.
  6. The responding administrator will send the student a written statement of attempted resolution to the problem within 10 working days after receipt of the complaint.  A copy of the deliberation response will be sent to the appropriate cabinet level officer and the Office of the Provost.