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Please fill out this form to initiate consultation or execution of a marketing project (graphic design, web, or otherwise). To help us approach your project efficiently, please include as much detail as possible. University Marketing & Communications will review your project details and get back with you promptly regarding a plan of attack. Projects will be considered on a priority basis, and materials for external audiences will take precedence.

Note: Four weeks lead time is necessary on any project in order to accommodate for design and/or printing time. Also, if costs are associated with printing, an appropriate budget number will need to be provided.

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Give a brief (1-2 sentence) overview of what you're requesting
Who is the target audience that you are primarily interested in reaching? What is that audience looking for? How will this project provide it for them?
Are there other pages, either on LETU's website or elsewhere, that meet a similar need? What elements of those pages do you like? What would you do differently?
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Are there deadlines or other outside factors contributing to this date? Anything else we might need to take into consideration when prioritizing this request?
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What updates to the page contents are needed?
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