Online Calendar Guidelines

Calendar Function
The online university calendar functions as a centralized listing of university-sponsored or on-campus events. It informs the LeTourneau University community of upcoming event details and the outside community, including prospective students and their families, of the breadth of activity that occurs on the LeTourneau University campus.

Calendar Location
The online university calendar is located at www.letu.edu/cal. A university calendar events feed is also found on the homepage, at www.letu.edu, that includes information about and links to the most current events, as well as links to the full university calendar.

Accepted Submissions
Only mission-fit events that are university-sponsored or hosted on campus will be published on the university calendar. Examples of appropriate calendar submissions include official university athletic events, Belcher Center events open to the public, chapel, academic calendar dates and YellowJacket Activities Council (YAC) events.

Because of volume and logistical limitations, LeTourneau University reserves the right to exclude certain types of events from the university calendar. For example, university calendar submissions will not be accepted for any outside organizations’ events held off the LeTourneau campus. Likewise, regularly scheduled internal events, such as departmental or business meetings, are unnecessary additions, as they do not fit the university calendar’s broad, externally focused function. Submissions are encouraged for events to which all of a given university constituency are welcome or the public is invited. When submitting events to which the public is invited, contact the Director of University Relations, at 903-233-3282, should the event have media notification.

Events will not be published on the university calendar unless the form is properly completed with all required information.

Event Submission Process
The University Webmaster serves as the Administrator of the online university calendar; however, faculty, staff, and students representing departmental areas and organizations throughout campus have both the access and the responsibility to submit events pertaining to their area of management.

Follow these instructions to submit an event to the university calendar.

University calendar events should be submitted throughout the year, as event information is established. Published events should be regularly monitored to assure all eligible events are included and all event information is accurate. When possible, events should be submitted no later than 14 days before the event. Once an event is submitted, it will remain in the ‘My Pending Events’ listing until the event is published by the calendar Administrator. All events will be approved and published by the calendar Administrator. The Administrator will also confirm the appropriate event categorization.

Event Categorization
Appropriate topical organization assists university calendar users in finding the events for which they are looking. In order to decrease fragmentation, broad topical areas are used to categorize events in the university calendar. Topical areas include, but are not limited to: Academic Calendar, Admissions Events, Alumni Events, Athletics, Chapel, Conferences and Meetings, Lectures and Seminars, Performances and Student Activities. The University Webmaster must approve the addition of any suggested topical areas.

Changes to a Calendar Submission
Event submittors are responsible for assuring that the information for each event they submit is accurate and up-to-date. If an event is changed, postponed or canceled, the correct information needs to be on the calendar as soon as possible. To represent LeTourneau University in the best possible way to those who visit the Web site, please review any ‘My Pending Events’ listings for spelling, grammar and accuracy of event information.

An event submission may be updated or deleted as long as it is in the ‘My Pending Events’ listing. If changes need to be made once the calendar Administrator publishes an event, send the updated event information, clearly identifying each requested change, to University Marketing & Communications.

For calendar training and submission questions, contact University Marketing & Communications or 903-233-3280.