University Relations Media Form

WHAT is the news story and WHO is the contact?

What are you or your organization doing that might have positive media implications for LeTourneau University?

Describe your newsworthy item:*
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WHY is it newsworthy?

Every endeavor has a reason. Stories should show the heart of this school and its people, YOU! Stories should showcase the value of the education here, as well as the global initiatives to answer God’s call in every workplace and every nation. Sometimes the reason for the story is obvious. Example: if students host an Easter Egg Hunt for local children to share the Gospel message, that’s pretty clear.

Reason for the story:
Connection to LETU vision/mission:

WHO is involved in the story?

If LETU students will participate in a regional or national competition, what are the team members’ names and department? If a student wins an award, you will want to provide the following information: Name of student, classification, major and hometown. e.g.: Jane Doe, a senior mechanical engineering major from Longview, Texas, won the award. Provide their title and some information about them. If a professor or staff member wins an award or will present at a conference, provide information about them, such as number of years at LETU, where they went to college, the department they work in, etc.

If an organization is hosting an event, provide the name of the organization and how many members are participating: e.g.: Fifteen members of LeTourneau Student Ministries will be washing cars today to raise funds for spring break missions. If LETU is co-sponsoring or partnering with another organization, please share that information, as well. e.g.: LETU and Region 7 ESC are co-sponsoring a robotics workshop.

Competition / Participants:
Award / Recipient:
Name of the event:
Name of the sponsoring organization(s):

When and Where?

If your news story is about an event that is in the FUTURE, provide exactly the time, date, and place of the event. e.g.: 4 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 26, in Room 120, Education Building on LETU campus, 2100 S. Mobberly Ave.

If your news story is about an event or award that has happened in the PAST, provide details of when and where it occurred. Usually, the time of day is less important in events that have already occurred. e.g.: LeTourneau University flight students were awarded the Loening Trophy at the 2009 NIFA SAFECON competition banquet on Sunday, May 24, at Parks College of St. Louis University in Choakia, Ill.


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