e-mail Standards

LETU e-mail Accounts

While the university allows employees to use their LETU e-mail accounts for limited personal (not business) purposes, it is important to remember that the services are provided primarily for the efficient operation of LeTourneau University.

Since e-mail is continually used to communicate with both internal and external audiences, it is important to consider the impression that e-mail messages make when received by various audiences. Please maintain awareness that contacts outside our campus may correlate your personal and professional e-mail communication with the university’s reputation and image, as your e-mail address visually represents LETU. Each employee is personally responsible for the good stewardship of utilizing their university e-mail account in a way that positively reflects the ideals of LeTourneau University.

Since employees should not use university letterhead for personal communication, then they also should refrain from using the university’s identifications (tag line, logo, focus statement, etc.) as a part of their personal communications by e-mail. Also, do not use a background design or wallpaper within your e-mails because they may be difficult to read on a program other than Outlook.

No one has control over their e-mail messages once they are sent and can’t know to whom they might be forwarded, possibly resulting in misrepresentation of the university through this medium. Remember, no e-mail communication on the LETU servers is private property and could be subject to review.

Private e-mail Accounts

Faculty and staff members who also maintain private e-mail accounts through other Internet services are encouraged to use their “.letu” accounts when sending official university business communications, when possible.


Updated September 3, 2010