Business Cards

All business cards must be ordered through the LeTourneau University purchasing agent in the business office at Ext. 4186. Card layout will be handled through the purchasing agent, as the complexity of the university business card design, with reversed type on a blue background, necessitates the use of professional layout software. Personalized business cards may be ordered for full-time faculty and staff who interact with the public and have a need to represent the university directly, such as those who communicate with prospective students, attend conferences, work with vendors, etc. This includes the following classifications: Faculty, Executive (I-III), Academic Administrative, Administrative (I-IV), Professional (I), and Athletic (I-IV). All business card orders should be approved by a cabinet officer, who may make exceptions.

The standard university business card layout includes the following:

  • Name
  • Title
  • E-mail address
  • Office phone number
  • University PO Box address or physical address 
    • In lieu of the Longview campus address, LETU educational centers may use the address specific to their location.
  • University web address (www.letu.edu)

In addition to the above, two lines of additional content may be added, such as the university’s 800 number, fax number, physical address or the faculty/staff member's university cell phone number, as well as other links (such as the official university Facebook page) if approved by the appropriate cabinet member. There must be one blank line after the title and at least one blank line before the university web address. 


  • No additional information is to be printed on the back of a university business card. This includes copy, graphics or photographs.
  • The only web addresses to be included are those of the university.
  • It is not necessary to include a fax number or the university’s physical address, but if there are enough lines, it is permissible to include either.
  • If there is ample room to spell out the employee’s full title, then do so. However, standard abbreviations are acceptable where appropriate.

Please adhere to the following font and size standards:

Layout standards are as follows. Note: There must be a 1/8” margin around the entire card. All copy must be right-justified.

Printer's Notes

  • 100# Accent Offset Cover paper stock printed on the digital press
  • Dark Blue: PMS 288 Blue
  • Light Blue: 80% Screen of PMS 288 Blue
  • Name and Cross: PMS 124 Yellow
  • Remaining Type: White


Updated September 16, 2010