Print Materials

Creation Of New Print Materials

To ensure a clear and consistent image for the university, all materials for public distribution must be submitted to the University Marketing & Communications Office for review before production or duplication. Such materials may include departmental fliers, leaflets, pamphlets, newsletters, advertisements, invitations and brochures. Publications that vary from GSM standards which bear the university name or logo must be approved by University Marketing & Communications. University stationery products such as letterhead and envelopes must be ordered through the business office's purchasing agent at Ext. 4186. Invoices for printing of university stationery by unauthorized vendors may not be honored.

Use Of Old Print Materials

All existing stationery, business cards, name badges and other print materials with the old (bell tower) versions of LeTourneau's logo should will be phased out no later than July 1, 2011. The bell tower may not be used for any new items ordered. Materials with outdated LeTourneau logos should be replaced with new materials as versions of each are updated with the new logo and approved.


Updated September 22, 2010