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Because a logo goes places and meets new people, unaccompanied by our faces or lives, it is essential that the logo introduces a whole representation of LeTourneau University, including both its traditional and nontraditional students. For this reason and more, we cannot assume that all audiences will know LETU is a Christ-centered university. Equally important is that the logo move us beyond finite geographical lines and represent LETU as a global classroom. In effect, LETU is not simply promoting Longview, Texas, but rather is a gateway to a world experience. Building on the rich legacy from Mr. and Mrs. R. G. LeTourneau, we are a place that ensures students are practically prepared for career and calling, with multiple opportunities for hands-on learning.

The logo becomes a part of a university’s branded identity. It represents a promise, creates awareness, and evokes emotion. Thanks to its outstanding alumni, students, faculty, and staff, LeTourneau University’s story remains vibrant and grows more valuable with each passing year. As such, its public persona should reflect that relevance with a succinct, significant clarity. After much deliberation and decades of being “in the box,” LeTourneau inaugurates its 2010-2011 academic year with its new logo, introduced during President Lunsford’s State-of-the-University address on August 16th.

The logo was designed by Encore Multimedia of Longview, Texas.

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