Digital Signage Templates


Use of Design Templates for Slides

The digital signage at LeTourneau University uses a standard format for slides. This format isn't intended to limit creativity. It is provided to:

  1. Create consistency throughout the slide presentation and more importantly
  2. Force the slide creator to think logically about how to concisely deliver their message to the audiences viewing the digital displays.

Digital signs are a bit like billboards on the highway. You only have a few seconds (technically 8-10) of attention per slide and therefore need to limit the text on each slide to what can be read in that time frame. The digital signage system is not the appropriate place to present pages of information or extraneous details about events. The primary purposes of the digital displays are to present simple time/date/place information for upcoming events or to highlight individual pieces of information.

The template designs provided are in a fixed format that allows about half of the total slide area to be consumed by eye-catching imagery and the other half to be utilized for text. You are free to modify the font size in any way necessary as long as the total amount of text stays within the white or blue hexagon areas. With that in mind though, the less text you include, the more likely your slide is to actually achieve its purpose.

All slides must be in the form of the provided template in order to be included in the digital signage system.

Instructions For Use

  • Start by downloading one of the Powerpoint files here. Choose the .PPTX if you are using a recent version of Powerpoint or the .PPT if you are using an older version.
  • On slide #2, insert a new image that covers the size of the entire slide. Once you have that image placed how you'd like, use the "Arrange" dropdown menu from the top to "Send to Back" on your image. That will place your image under the layer with the white hexagon and text.
  • Modify the text however you'd like. Feel free to use any fonts you want to in the text area. But do remember to keep your information as concise as possible. You only have a few seconds to capture and hold the attention of your audience.
  • When you finish your slide, email it to rebekahbrowning@letu.edu with the start and end dates that the slide should run on the digital signage.

Rules For Use

  • Note that before slides are added to the digital signage, they will be approved by the Marketing & Communications department.
  • All slides must adhere to all existing campus policies (obviously, no inappropriate language or imagery will be allowed.)
  • All slides must utilize high quality imagery. Low resolution images from the web look terrible on high resolution displays. Please use high resolution images.
  • In general, if your slide doesn't look great, the Marketing Communications team will contact you and help get your slide looking its very best. LeTourneau University has beautiful facilities and it is important that the content of our digital displays is equally as polished as the building that is showcasing it. We are here to help in any way we can.

Download Templates

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Version 2:


Questions? Contact:

Rebekah Browning

Administrative Assistant

University Marketing & Commuications

(903) 233-3290