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A Note from the Director of the Honors College

Thank you for your interest in the Honors College at LeTourneau University

The Honors College at LeTourneau University provides students with an enhanced opportunity to explore the connections between faith and learning, and to develop the leadership skills necessary to seek the flourishing of the communities to which they have been called. Honors College students have special access to cutting-edge course offerings, specialized research, world-class scholars and thought leaders, and transformative residential housing within the Honors College dormitory, where you learn to live, learn, love, serve and have fun in community.

Whether it is in the classroom, through a service learning project, on a study abroad trip, or participating in a colloquium, Honors College students are dedicated to investigating what it means to be called together to this place as a Christian community of learning that exists for the sake of neighbors, both near and far. Intellectual, formational, and practical, the Honors College is motivated by the commitment to seek creative and faithful ways to participate in the Triune God’s reconciling work in the world. Our Honors College curriculum is designed to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Honors College students will grow in wisdom, exhibited by the ability to give an account of the interconnectedness of creation in its physical, social, and spiritual dimensions.
  2. Honors College students will give an account of their vocation (calling) in light of the Triune God’s reconciling work in the world.
  3. Honors College students will develop practical way to seek the good of their local and global communities.

In our courses and seminars, we work intentionally to develop the following foundational competencies, which are essential to achieving our desired outcomes: self-care and self-awareness; leadership within our communities of influence; intercultural competency; peacemaking, conflict resolution, and reconciliation; wonder and imagination; cultural analysis; and articulation of faith and ideas.

We look forward to reviewing your application.



Kelly Liebengood
Director of the Honors College
LeTourneau University


Due date for application: March 1, 2018


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