Dr. Patrick Mays

passage-logo.1200Director of Programming

Email: PatrickMays@letu.edu

Patrick Mays joined LeTourneau University in 2003, but he is quite familiar with the area, having grown up in Longview and graduated from two local institutions: Pine Tree High School and University of Texas at Tyler. For almost two decades, though, Pat and his family traveled and lived in several places around the United States and the world pursuing ministry opportunities. These included teaching and coaching high school in Texas, youth ministry in Louisiana, recreational ministry in Alabama, and mission work in Asia and Europe. For four years, Pat, his wife, Kathleen, and daughter, Sarah, lived and ministered in Prague, Czech Republic as academic missionaries in secular universities.

He uses this experience and his education in theology and intercultural studies in helping students develop biblical models of ministry that reach across generational and cultural barriers. Pat's interests are increasing the effectiveness of youth ministry, developing a missional focus for the church, and helping Christians engage with popular culture.

“I am excited about Passage because of the youth ministry leaders who poured into my life when I was in junior high and high school. These mentors journeyed with me and helped me grow my faith. Passage is a way I can pass on what I learned to today’s youth.”