Jonathan Lett

Assistant Professor of Theology

Phone: (903) 233-3376
Email: JonathanLett@letu.edu


My research and teaching interests arise out of my conviction that theology is performed in service of the church and its mission to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. In particular, I seek to think through the political and ecclesial nature of traditional theological claims in conversation with contemporary philosophical and social concerns. My current research project explores the relationship between the doctrines of creation and incarnation for understanding creation’s order, purpose, and goodness. I also show what ethical and political difference it makes that Christians call this world “creation” rather than the secularized term “nature.”

As a theologian and teacher, I want to challenge students to wrestle with the claims that the Christian gospel makes on every aspect of their lives. I try to help students develop a theological imagination—a habit of mind shaped by Scripture, theology, and Christian practices—in order to live faithfully.

Before coming to LeTourneau, I worked as a hospital chaplain, a campus minister in New England and at a Catholic university in Ohio, and served in pastoral ministry in several different denominations. I’m currently a candidate for ordination in the Presbyterian Church. My wife, Amy, and daughter, Hazel, and I live in Longview.



  • Ph.D. (ABD), Theology, University of St. Andrews
  • M.Div., Duke Divinity School
  • B.A., Marketing; Finance, Cedarville University




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