Rachel's Journal - Entry 7

I am not sure that I ever journaled about the aftermath of the D-Now.  It wasn't really a big deal, but I did have to help do some of the wrap-up stuff.  Obviously, one of these things was to take the band out to lunch with Brian and Brooke on the Sunday that it ended.  But, that week at the office, I also had to write thank you cards.  The reason that I just thought of this is because this morning after the Sunday morning service at church, one of the girl helpers that I had written a thank you card to told me how much it meant to her and how sweet it was, etc.  As I think back to when I wrote those cards, I remember Brian telling me it would be OK to just write a form letter if I wanted to.  But I decided to take my time with the cards, even taking some of them home that night, in order to truly put my heart into the cards that I wrote each person.  I realize the importance of feeling needed and appreciated in ministry.  When you put on an event like this, it takes so much help and we were sure to personally thank every one of them, because without our help, nothing could have worked out!  And, if helpers don't feel appreciated, it is likely that they might not want to help out again.  I just really understand the importance of making volunteers know just how important they are! 

Tonight (12/4) at church, I had to cover for a class that a teacher did not show up for.  Gotta love the no-show teachers that don't tell anyone in advance.  Anyways, it was a room FULL (20 kids!) of unruly little kids that come in on the buses, and yet things were good.  I found the worksheet they were supposed to use, and improvised because we did not have enough copies, and then QUICKLY had to find a good way to easily apply a lesson out of the worksheet without taking the time to completely read the lesson plan.  I was pleased with how it went, and it gave me a chance to get to know some of these kids better than I already did, since they do only come in on the buses on Sunday nights - one night a week as opposed to the three times a week that I see most of our church kids.