Rachel's Journal - Entry 3

I am beginning to LOVE some of the kids that I work with!  I want to have every single girl over to my apartment for a slumber party or something, but I know that this might not be feasible.  I’m getting to the point now where kids are starting to just cling to me.  As much as this ministry is all about God, it is good to know that you are finally gaining those true relationships based on trust that will allow me to better reach these kids for Christ.  I’m getting to where I talk to more than just the few kids I originally knew, or even the kids in my small groups.  A lot of the younger girls are starting to talk to me a lot, and hang around me.  I’ve seen them like this with Brian from the beginning, so I know that in some ways, I am getting through with my desire for relationships with them.  That is still my main desire – relationships.  So it feels good to look around and begin to see those relationships growing.  I’m getting excited for our Disciple Now for lots of reasons, but especially just for some time to spend with these kids in an more laid back setting than usual. 

The D-Now is looming closer (November 4-6), so my office time this week was spent with Brian and I just brainstorming what still needs to be done regarding this event, which is really most of the planning.  Besides finalizing out theme “Live out Loud”, we planned out exactly who I need to secure as small group leaders, and also discussed the band that I am trying to get to do our music.  We discussed some names of ladies in the church I can get to help out with decorations and food.  We also came up with ideas for host homes in order to ask those families relatively soon if their house can be available for our use.  I am a little bit nervous about having to actually do the asking for volunteers regarding the decorations and food, since for the most part, Brian put that part in my lap.  I don’t have to actually do the planning, but I do have to go about finding the people to do the planning.  I guess I am just a little scared that something I’m in charge of will not turn out right.  But, Brian is definitely willing to help me whenever needed, so that is a good feeling.