Field Experience Information


  • Clinical/Student Teaching consists of six hours of course credit and you will be charged for six hours of tuition.
  • Clinical/Student Teaching lasts 13 weeks.
  • It is a full time, all day, non-paid position in a Mentor Teacher's classroom within your area of certification.
  • Clinical/Student Teaching is 12 weeks in length, preceded by a week of pre-service observation done in the Mentor Teacher's classroom for a total of 13 weeks.
  • Clinical/Student Teachers must complete 30 hours of observation during the first, pre-service week.  During this week, you will complete an Observation Log and reflection questions.
  • Clinical/Student Teaching during the fall semester generally runs from the last week in August until the end of the first week in December.  Clinical/Student Teaching during the spring semester generally begins the second week of January and ends the second week in April.
  • If you are a TEACH student choosing Clinical/Student Teaching, you will complete your field experience during the last semester of your degree program.
  • If you are an M.Ed student choosing clinical/student teaching, you must complete certain courses before you are allowed to student teach. Please contact your local field supervisor for these requirements.
  • Clinical/Student Teaching must be done within your certification level / subject area(s). For example, a 4-8 Core Subjects student must student teach in a 4th -8th grade English/Language Arts/Reading, Math, Science, or Social Studies classroom.
  • Clinical/Student Teaching may be done at an accredited public school, private school, or charter school.
  • Clinical/Student Teaching placements will be arranged by the Field Supervisor (upon receipt of your Clinical/Student Teaching request form by the designated deadline), and each Clinical/Student Teacher will be assigned a University Supervisor who will make regular visits throughout the placement for the purpose of observing and providing constructive feedback. 


  • Internship also consists of six hours of course credit and you will be charged for six hours' of tuition.
  • Internship is completed over two semesters - the credit and tuition will be spread over the two semesters as well (3 hours each semester).
  • Internship is a full time, paid teaching position as teacher-of-record in an accredited public, charter or private school.
  • It is your responsibility to seek out, apply for, and obtain the position.
  • You must have your content exam passed at the state level in order to be eligible for hire.
  • You must Intern within your certification level and subject area(s). For example, an EC-6 Core Subjects student must intern in a Pre K – 6th grade classroom.
  • Interns will be assigned a University Supervisor who will make regular visits throughout the placement for the purpose of observing and providing constructive feedback.
  • You should contact the appropriate Field Supervisor immediately if a teaching position is obtained.
  • As an Intern, you must have completed 30 hours of field-based experience, per TEA guidelines.
  • NOTE: TEACH students choosing Internship must first complete their Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree and pass the state content exam in order to be eligible for Internship.
  • M. Ed. students must complete 30 hours of field-based experience, their first two courses, and pass their respective content exam prior to interning.


  • If you choose Clinical/Student Teaching, you are eligible and ready to be recommended for Standard Certification once your 13-week placement has been completed, grades posted, and state exams passed. This is commonly a shorter route to certification than Internship and you are often able to obtain a permanent teaching position more quickly.
  • If you are a student who has a strong performance as a Clinical/Student Teacher, you are a highly desirable candidate for hire in that school or school district.
  • If you select Internship, you must obtain a position that meets the requirements: (i.e., full-time teacher of record in an accredited public or private school in a position within the certification area), and you are required to apply for a Probationary Teaching Certificate.
  • Probationary Certificates are issued to teachers who are in a state-recognized educator preparation program but have not yet fulfilled all requirements for the Standard Teaching Certificate.
  • In order to be eligible for hire and for the Probationary Certificate, you must be considered "highly qualified (HQ) by the state of Texas.  This determination is made when you have passed your content exam.
  • When you are hired as an intern, you receive the same salary and benefits as any other first year teacher.
  • Interns must notify your Field Supervisor immediately after being hired so that you can receive and complete the necessary Internship Information Form.
  • Interns must also notify the Director of Educator Certification to initiate the process of recommendation for a probationary certificate.