Anna Ross

English/Language Arts Education

“I am deeply grateful for the thorough classroom training and pre-service experience I had at LeTourneau. Again and again, I have thanked God for much-loved professors who prepared me by setting high expectations, providing personalized feedback, and equipping me with the very best of both cutting-edge and time-tested instructional strategies.

“My professors implemented the methodologies they promoted, teaching techniques from life as well as from lecture. They also modeled the character traits of successful teachers: passion, respect, care, dedication, and—not to be neglected—a terrific sense of humor! I have long appreciated the investment the education department has contributed not only to my professional skills but also to my spiritual growth.

“Now that I am employed as a full-time high school teacher, I frequently reflect upon my education classes at LeTourneau and 'hear' my professors' voices in my head. ‘Keep them moving!’ says Dr. Emberton. ‘Stick with your objectives!’ says Dr. Ames. ‘Read aloud!’ says Mrs. Stephens. I continue to learn from them.“