Adam Pautsch

Teacher Education Concentration

"I've really enjoyed my time here at LETU and in the kinesiology department. I've been truly blessed to come to a school like this and get a Christian perspective on a topic I love to learn about!

"I transferred to LETU after my first year of college. I wanted to be in a Christian environment with small class sizes and professors who are passionate about their students and their subject.

"Because of the small classes at LETU, I can really get to know my professors. I feel totally comfortable asking them in-depth questions. They provide such amazing insight - they directly apply what we are learning to careers in the kinesiology field."

Denee McKay

Sports Management Concentration

"Dr. J. makes learning the information interesting and fun. We learn about different sports- how to teach them and how to keep it interesting and fun. Almost all of the kinesiology classes incorporate some kind of hands-on learning.

"A class I won’t forget was Activities for Special Populations. Dr. J taught us how to respect special education students, as well as how to make sports equally accessible to students who have special needs.

"The class took a trip to an equestrian center, which uses horses to help rehabilitate and encourage special needs students. Seeing the kids react to the horses and light up was amazing."

Tanya Johnson

Education Concentration

"No professor ever cared more than those who instructed me at LETU. It was important that each student succeed in life as well as in the classroom.

"I received a Christian based education and occupational preparation. I am certain that no university could have prepared me more.

"I must admit that at times I was sure that I wouldn't make it through. The classes were tough, the homework was intense, and I won't even begin to discuss the exams. However, as I continue my education by pursuing a master’s degree, I am so grateful for the academic education I received from LETU."

Katie Zappasodi

Exercise Science Concentration

"The professors in the kinesiology program have a heart for their students and want everyone to excel and succeed. My core kinesiology classes were small, so there was lots of one-on-one attention from my professors. They were always striving help us accomplish our goals, both in and outside of the classroom."