Faculty & Facilities


Dr. Wayne Jacobs

Professor of Kinesiology
Pre-Health Advisor

Phone: (903) 233-3861
Office: Solheim 100G
Email: WayneJacobs@letu.edu

Dr. Duane Trogdon

Professor of Kinesiology

Phone: (903) 233-3871
Office: Solheim 100A
Email: DuaneTrogdon@letu.edu

Ms. Portia Phillips

Instructor of Kinesiology and Head Athletic Trainer

Phone: (903) 233-3794
Office: Belcher Gym Offices 203B
Email: PortiaPhillips@letu.edu

Mr. Robin Harriss

Instructor of Kinesiology, Head Baseball Coach & Assistant Athletic Director

Phone: (903) 233-3721
Office: Solheim Center 119
Email: RobinHarriss@letu.edu

Mr. Matthew Haesecke

Instructor of Kinesiology and Head Men's Soccer Coach

Phone: (903) 233-3725
Office: Belcher Gym Offices 203A
Email: MattHaesecke@letu.edu


As a kinesiology major, you’ll practically live at the Solheim Recreation and Activity Center. Informally known as "Solheim," the building provides a place for both kinesiology majors and other students to play sports, exercise and attend classes.

The offices of kinesiology professors are conveniently located in Solheim, allowing students easy access should they require assistance from their professors. This 75,000-square-foot facility has:

  • a waveless swimming pool
  • racquetball courts
  • weight rooms
  • an aerobics/martial arts room
  • a walking/running track
  • two gymnasiums
  • tennis courts
  • sand volleyball courts
  • classrooms
  • soccer fields
  • baseball field
  • softball field