Advice For High School Students

Ideas to Consider

Preparing for Undergraduate Studies

  • Read for enjoyment. Listen to audiobooks. Explore many kinds of books, especially the wonderful books that many people have enjoyed through the years – the classics in literature. People with a large vocabulary and who enjoy reading and understanding do better at university and on the GRE. This is something that comes from a lifetime of reading and thinking and cannot be studied for quickly.
  • Plan to spend your summers well. A senior in high school has only three summers before they apply to physical therapy school at the end of the spring semester of their junior year in college. Look for interesting internships, shadow physical therapists, travel internationally and learn languages.

Planning for Physical Therapy School

  • Start building relationships with physical therapists. Get to know them. Shadow them at work if you can.
  • Look up the physical therapy schools in your state, and get very familiar with their websites. There, you'll find information that will be very helpful.
  • Go to the American Physical Therapy website, and check out the great information they have for prospective physical therapists.