Natalie Hale

Natalie Hale

M.A., LPC Intern

Natalie Hale, MA, LPCI, obtained her bachelor’s degree from East Texas Baptist University in secondary education, and after graduating from ETBU, Natalie spent time teaching in the public school system. Natalie returned to the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2007 to earn her Master’s degree in counseling with a focus on community mental health. Currently, Natalie is in the process of working toward her doctoral degree in Counselor Education and Supervision. While in graduate school, she completed internships at the University of Texas Counseling Center, O’Connor High School Counseling Center, and the Northside Parent Consultation Center.

Additionally, Natalie is certified as a Prepare and Enrich premarital and marital facilitator. She has overseen counseling services for Texas State Technical College and taught adjunct counseling courses for East Texas Baptist University.

Natalie is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern and is currently seeing clients at the LeTourneau University Center for Counseling. Her counseling experience includes private practice, school, and university settings. She has worked with individuals, couples, families, adolescents, children and older adults. She is married, has three grown daughters and calls Longview, Texas home.

How did you come to be a counselor?
Growing up, I was fortunate to have a father who was a psychologist and modeled many valuable principles by which to live and interact with the world. I had not planned to follow in his footsteps until the day I found myself leading a mom’s group of about 100 women in my local community. I had invited a counselor to come and speak, and when she concluded, I noticed the women beginning to form a line around the room to talk to her. This event was a turning point in my life as my heart was touched by the real underlying needs of people. These moms, who I had seen on a regular basis laughing and talking about everyday life, had suddenly revealed more than just the surface, but a genuine desire to be really understood by another. This marked the day that my heart turned to the field of counseling. I wanted to understand more about what lived below the surface of a person’s friendly smile. I wanted to know how I might make a difference. As I began my career in counseling, it became clear that many of the beliefs I had developed over my lifetime fell right in line with these counseling principles. I am now drawn by a sense of real calling on my personal life to come alongside those who feel hurt, frustrated, or uncertain by life circumstances and extend an encouraging hand of meaningful support.

How do you view counseling?
I believe that every person truly wants to be seen, valued and understood, and I believe that you are distinctly unique in your personal qualities and life experiences. I find it a privilege to walk with you down the path of your life story and look for opportunities to help you grow in personal insight. People can often be affected by conditions beyond their control. Sometimes you may find yourself operating from a place of uncertainty or fear, and I want to partner with you to navigate these places of distress. Other times, you may find yourself wanting to explore opportunities for personal development, and I look forward to helping you find meaningful avenues to build on strengths and discover your best qualities.

What should I expect from counseling?
In our time together, you can expect a positive, encouraging, and goal oriented experience dedicated to helping you find a more personally satisfying life. You will discover the counseling environment to be a safe place for you and I to freely discuss whatever issues you are facing. I will help you explore the tools and insights necessary to cope with life’s obstacles and grow toward your best life. Your wellbeing is important, and we will actively partner together to create a personalized experience of healing, growth, and development.