Biomedical Engineering Facilities


Biomedical Engineering Lab Space

The Biomedical Engineering laboratories are located within the Glaske Center for Engineering, Science and Technology. These labs are equipped with state of the art research and design equipment. LETU students use the biomedical engineering facilities to complete projects for individual courses, as well as for research conducted for senior design projects.

  • Motion Analysis System
    The Motion Analysis system allows students to conduct motion capture, building a three-dimensional model of test subjects in movement for analysis. The motion analysis equipment, valued at more than $200,000, was purchased through an NSF grant written by LETU faculty members.  LeTourneau is one of the few undergraduate programs in the nation to have such a system.
  • BioSignal Studies
    In addition to the motion analysis equipment mentioned above, the NSF grant was also used to purchase equipment for studies in bioinstrumentation to obtain computerized measurements of cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurological functions. Signals such as the EEG, EKG (ECG) and EMG are then processed to maximize information content.
  • Electromyography (EMG) System
    The BME laboratory is equipped with a wireless EMG system measuring the electrical signals outputted by multiple muscles when activated.
  • Six Degree of Freedom Force Plate
    The pit in the BME laboratory contains 20 individual tiles that are removable. Two six-axis force plates are installed into the pits to accurately measure multi-dimensional ground reaction forces. These forces result from such actions as a person walking over the force plate or jumping on it. The data from the force plates are combined with the kinematic data from the motion capture system and the EMG system to provide comprehensive analyses of human movement.


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The Biomedical Engineering facilities services students enrolled in the following LETU Engineering program:

Engineering, B.S. -
Biomedical Concentration



Biomedical facilities are located in the Glaske Center. To locate on the campus map, click here.

The building is marked #8 on the map