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The faculty of the Department of Teacher Education are eager get to know you! Are you ready to find out a little about them? To meet them, click below

Dr. Kathy Stephens Title: Chair of the Department of Teacher Education and Professor
Email: KathyStephens@letu.edu
Dr. Jimmy Ames Title: Professor
Email: JimmyAmes@letu.edu
Dr. Julie Teel-Borders Title: Associate Professor
Email: JulieTeel-Borders@letu.edu
Dr. Michele Staples
Title: Assistant Professor
Mrs. Jodie Hilburn Title: Instructor
Email: JodieHilburn@letu.edu


Professional Connections

Your future profs are actively contributing to the field of education. They have connections in the world of education which will come in handy when you graduate and are looking for a job—they’ll be valuable references! These are just a few of the organizations your future profs are involved with:



Our completely renovated education building re-opened in the fall of 2002. Check out the virtual tour of our facility on the campus map.

  • Curriculum Library
    • The library in this room holds all education programs and materials that were used in Texas schools since 1998. I promise you’ll find all the answers to your educational queries here.
  • K-6 Classroom Laboratory
    • Students set this room up as a classroom and practice before trying the real thing- kids and all. The room has colorful mats, kids magazines (remember highlights?), educational toys and other classroom necessities. It is an observation room, so there is a two-way mirror that students can see into but kids can’t see out.
  • Media Technology Room
    • This room is chock full of materials for education students, die-cut machines, pipe cleaners, construction paper, lamination machines and a well-equipped computer lab—whatever you need to get the job done.
  • Classroom 117
    • This is the largest classroom on campus. Usually, it serves as a lecture hall.



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