Questions on Software and Usage

Am I eligible to download MSDNAA software?

If you are taking classes in the Computer Science Department, you are eligible to download the MSDNAA software. Faculty and instructors are eligible to receive the software if you have an active LeTourneau University LetNet account.

How do I receive my login/password?

If you are taking Computer Science classes, you will receive a login/password email from Microsoft (elms_support@e-academy.com). Support has to upload the new users into the MSDNAA system, and this usually occurs after the 12 school day each semester. If you need your login/password resent or if you need help, please email baasb@letu.edu.

What software is available for download?

Bunches.  More than 300 titles.  Login at  MSDNAA for LETU and look under the Software section for the most updated listing.

What software is not available?

Microsoft Office is not included in the MSDN Academic Alliance program.

How much do I need to pay for the software?

In an agreement with Microsoft, the MSDN Academic Alliance program provides this software free of charge. There is a small charge if you choose to get the installation CD mailed to you.

What can the software being provided be used for?

The software is provided for instructional and non-profit research purposes. It cannot be used for infrastructure or profit.

Do I have to uninstall the software once I graduate or once I am no longer a student?

The license is perpetual. This means that you do not need to uninstall the software. The software and product keys you have received are yours to keep. You will lose the ability to download the MSDNAA software once your Computer Science account expires.

Why is the size of the file I downloaded so small or unexecutable?

If you are downloading the MSDNAA software, the file that first gets downloaded may not have the .exe file extension. This has occurred when Mozilla Firefox is used as the browser. Add the .exe extension if necessary and double-click the file. It is a downloader file of a very small size that is used to download an SDC file. After the SDC file is downloaded, the downloader is required to extract the actual software from it.

What is an SDC file and why can't I open or unpack it?

When you double-click the executable file that you downloaded from e-academy, it will ask you where to unpack the file. Inside the folder you choose to store the downloaded file will be an SDC file. This is a zip file that the Downloader executable will extract for you when the download is completed. You need to use the Downloader to extract the install files from the SDC file. The SDC file is safe to delete after the setup files are extracted from it if you are low on disk space.

How much hard disk space do I need?

Make sure you have lots of disk space. Some files requires at least 2GB of space for SDC file that is downloaded plus the files that are extracted from it. If you do not have enough disk space for the SDC file and the extracted files, you will need to download the file again in order to unzip the SDC file. Make sure you have enough disk space before proceeding to download.

How can I reuse product keys issued to me if I need to reinstall my computer?

If you made a hardware change or got rid of your old computer and need to reinstall software that needs to be activated, the first step is to try telephone registration and speak to a Microsoft representative. If you need to be reissued new product keys because the telephone registration did not work, email  baasb@letu.edu and state your reasons for the request.

Can students keep these tools after they graduate?

Yes, this license is perpetual and nontransferable. You don't have to uninstall the tools, but the stipulation of 'academic use only' does not change.

More questions?

Check out the MSDNAA Software and Usage FAQs.