ACM Student Chapter

What is ACM@LETU?

A student chapter of the international organization for computing professionals called the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Active since 1993, this student organization is known on campus by various names, including the Computer Club, and SOTA, the state-of-the-art club.

What do they do?

Need a refreshing break from homework and projects? ACM gives students a chance to get together over a refreshing drink and enjoy a presentation or discussion on topics of common interest. At 4:00pm on most Friday afternoons, you’ll find the club gathering for a presentation given by students, teachers, or special guests, on a topic related to computing … AND NO HOMEWORK!

Why should I join?

Being a member of the student chapter allows you to support the organization's activities in a variety of ways. As members attend the weekly meetings, they bring their own interests and expertise to share with fellow students. As the chapter grows, its ability to attract nationally-known presenters will increase. ACM@LETU members help to run the annual programming competition (ICPC) for the South Central Region, to be held at LeTourneau University this year.

What does it cost?

$5 will get you membership in the ACM and the right to partake of ‘free’ refreshments at the meetings. $19 is the starting rate for membership in the national organization for students, which offers a wide variety of benefits. See the national organization's site for details. www.acm.org.

Faculty sponsor?

The faculty sponsor for ACM@LETU is Brent Baas.


Please contact Brent Baas, brentbaas@letu.edu.