Zac Alldredge

Hometown: Delavan, Wisconsin

Interests: Traveling, running, music, technology, business, spending time with my fiancé.

Faith Journey: Growing up as a kid, I was always active with youth group and Church activities which led to me become a Christian at an early age. I was homeschooled for a few years before going into high school which greatly impacted my Christian walk as my parents were strong mentors in my life. After eighth grade, I was enrolled at Faith Christian School in the small little town of Williams Bay, Wisconsin. Faith was unquestionably a big leap for me in my walk with Christ as I was constantly surrounded by Christian influences and Biblical teaching. Faith certainly pushed my comfort zone at times, but stretched me in a good way. Going into my senior year of high school, I became school chaplain which was probably a better thing for my own personal walk than the rest of the school! I think knowing the fact that people were watching me more than usual really helped me mature and grow as a person as well as in Christ. After Faith Christian School, I knew LeTourneau University was the place for me after only one visit. The relationships I’ve been privileged to make with both students and faculty have definitely continued to grow me as a person – I know I’ll have lifelong friends from LeTourneau. As a Senior Business Management student ready to “tackle” the world, I have really appreciated the last three and half years at LETU, as the University has been a key factor in both my personal and professional development.

Favorite aspect of LeTourneau University: My favorite aspect of LeTourneau University is definitely the people. Coming in as a freshman, I immediately felt extremely welcomed by everyone on the floor (Thomas 1!). As mentioned before, I know I’ll have lifelong friends from LeTourneau.   

Mentions from the Managers

Why did you choose Business Management?

When I was maybe 13, I was tired of not having an allowance (yea I was one of those kids), so I decided to start my own “company”. I contracted with my Uncle John who owns a printing press to make some business cards for me with a catchy slogan – “Zac of all Trades”. Soon enough, I was cutting lawns, pulling weeds, and staining decks.

After building up some good “business experience”, I had the opportunity to work as a sales associate for Sprint in my last year and a half of high school. I quickly fell in love with sales and the newfound concept of commission! The summer before my senior year, I achieved “top salesperson” three months running.

Overall, I guess you could say I have always loved being able to work hard and make money. Furthermore, I love working with people and developing relationships. With a management degree, I can work for just about any company and hopefully impact people every day – Business Management seemed like a no-brainer.

What has been your favorite Business Management course so far?

One of my favorite Business Management classes I have taken so far would have to be Compensation and Benefits. I really enjoyed this class because of the opportunity to work with a real company in developing a real business plan for a new venture they are focusing on. I loved the hands-on, practical experience as well as the chance to actually visit the company’s corporate offices.

What has been the most challenging Business Management concept for you?

I would definitely have to say that some of the Human Resource Management rules and regulations have been hard concepts for me to grasps – some things just seem so backwards! While I have enjoyed some of my HR classes, I will be glad to leave these concepts to someone else more interested employee management!

Have you participated in any memorable projects or events for your Business Management classes?

While at LeTourneau, I have had opportunities to work on various marketing and business plans for real companies, as well as the chance to be a team member of a competitive presentation against some other colleges. I also had the opportunity to go to a Business Ethics conference hosted by Chuck Colson in Dallas! Overall, there have been many memorable events in my Business Management classes, but the ones that really stick out are the ones implementing real-world experience and relationships.

What is the most important thing you have learned so far about Business Management?

Much of business is pretty common sense put to practical application, but one of the most important things I have learned so far is that Managers have a huge impact on the people they work with everyday. I think many Christians forget the fact that the workplace can be the largest mission field – LeTourneau has shed a new light on how Christianity and Business don’t have to be separate entities.

Advice for prospective Business Management students.

My advice for incoming Business Management students is to come with an open mind to learn new things and make new friends. College is what YOU make it to be - so be ready for all the new and rewarding experiences LeTourneau has to offer. Also, make sure to learn TIME MANAGEMENT! I learned very quickly that four hours of sleep a night catches up with you faster than you might think, so pay attention in your first Cornerstones class when your professor stresses the importance of managing time effectively!