Mercy Liaw

Hometown: Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea

Interests: Photography, Reading, Traveling

Faith Journey: I grew up in a Christian home, so I’ve pretty much always believed in God. However, I never realized the difference between believing and following God until I was in high school. That was when I discovered how beautiful and amazing God truly is. Once I got a glimpse of who God truly is, I have dedicated my life to letting the world and the universe know.

Favorite aspect of LeTourneau University: My favorite aspect of LeTourneau University would probably be the people. Everyone is friendly and helpful. The professors really care about students as individuals, and the students are accepting and open.


                                     International Interests

Why did you choose International Business?

I chose International Business because I knew I wanted to do something in business, but I wasn’t sure exactly what. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to be involved in business globally if at all possible. International Business provided the global emphasis and academic flexibility that I wanted.

What has been your favorite International Business course so far?

I have only taken two International Business classes so far, but of the two, my favorite is probably International Marketing.

What has been the most challenging International Business concept for you?

Nothing stands out yet.

Have you participated in any memorable projects or events for your International Business classes?

My most memorable project from an International Business class is the Country Manager simulation that we did for International Marketing. We made decisions for a hypothetical toothpaste brand entering South America and were able to see the outcome for our decisions. It was very satisfying to watch our profits go up year after year.

What is the most important thing you have learned so far about International Business?

The most important thing I have learned about international business is to be sensitive. You can’t ever know everything about every culture, but you must be aware of difference, willing to learn, and able to adapt.

Advice for prospective International Business students.

A second language is very important in maximizing your effectiveness in the global marketplace, so start now and learn as much as you can.