David Hansen

Hometown: Silverton, Oregon

Interests: Mind puzzles, competitive sports, debate.

Faith Journey: Saved at age 5, grew up at a Christian retreat center with my sister and three brothers, almost like living on the mission field here in the states. A mission aimed at supporting and aiding Christians in their every day walk.

Favorite aspect of LeTourneau University: The professors aren’t off in some office building you visit once a semester. I am always finding myself stopping by my professor’s offices, asking questions about homework or projects, having dinner in their homes for thanksgiving, fall break, or just because you finished a rough midterm and they want to celebrate. I text some of my profs more than I do my mom and dad (shhh... they don’t know this yet).


                                Accounting Atmosphere

Why did you choose Accounting?

I chose accounting due to the concentration and skills it will give me to be able to hopefully run my own business some day.

What has been your favorite Accounting course so far?

Auditing was a course I took this last fall. I enjoyed the course because afterwards I felt as though I had a new understanding and appreciation for auditors and what they do as well as the process. It wasn’t a course full of terms or strict memorization but rather several concepts which allowed for a new understanding.

What has been the most challenging Accounting concept for you?

Understanding that Accounting is less cut and dry and more like studying law as it relates to business and the recording of business transactions.

Have you participated in any memorable projects or events for your Accounting classes?

I have been able to be a part of the Professional Accounting Society here on camps. Now while it is not a part of the core class schedule I feel as though I have learned a lot from the process of and have enjoyed working with other students hosting Campus events.

What is the most important thing you have learned so far about Accounting?

Learning that there are lots of different job opportunities within accounting was probably one of the most important things. I almost changed majors but being able to talk to professors who had worked other jobs and from their experiences I have come to appreciate and gain confidence is knowing what I am studying will take me to where I want to go.

Advice for prospective Accounting students.

Accounting is rough, but stick with it and in the end it will open all kinds of doors for you, as I have already experienced visiting career fairs and from fellow students. The world will never lose a demand for accountants.