Members can come from any major. We encourage diversity and new ideas.

PAS members must abide by our Constitution.

"PAS is made up of a great group of students who are looking for ways to gain professional experience. We are putting in the extra work and taking the initiative to prepare ourselves for a professional workplace, with an environment which encourages taking education into your own hands.

As a member since we started in Spring of 2011, I have been provided with opportunities to interact with businesses in a professional manner through PAS."

- David Hansen

"PAS has definitely been an organization for me where I can not only develop professional skills and build connections to be better prepared for workplace but also, during the process, have tons of fun working with each other and serving the community. I see PAS people dedicating their energy and time towards making it a better organization to not only serve those who are business majors but also to make PAS available for everyone in the community.

I've enjoyed the forward-thinking leadership, the close-bonded member community, and the whole learning experience through every event we host. I'm looking forward to what this organization has for us in the near future and feeling truly honored to have the opportunity to be a part of it."

 - Wendy Qin 

"I joined PAS because I wanted to get more real world experience in the field of accounting and I want to help the program grow. I look forward to joining PAS with the engineering department as it will provide students with more opportunities to be creative with events and projects which, in turn, will help us all grow.

I have enjoyed getting together with other accounting and business majors, particularly the upperclassmen as there is a lot I can learn from them. I have enjoyed working together with everyone to put on different events because I love seeing the end result of people coming together to have a good time.

Even though I am still new to PAS, I have already learned how much is involved in putting on an event, which has helped me stretch and grow. I have also learned just how important working together as a team is."

 - Brooke Bertsche