PAS Executive Board

Jane Tran, President

Finance & International Business

"I have been involved with Professional Accounting Society (PAS) since it was just started in Spring 2010. From being Secretary to President of PAS, I have privilege to work with some of the best students and leaders on campus. Even better, they become some of the best friends I have ever had. I believe in PAS and hope to bring its name to another level, not only be recognized as great organization in School of Business, but also the entire campus and community."


Michele Garcia, Vice President


"I joined PAS to be able to participate in the “real world” experiences that the club has to offer. As the newly elected Vice-President of PAS, I would like to see the club grow and retain members. My goal is to try to find ways to keep our members interested in the club and motivated to help the club grow."


Welby Norman, Secretary

International Business

"My role is to document the activities of PAS and to facilitate communication between PAS, the University, the students and the community in general."


Samuel Epp, Treasurer

Accounting & Finance

"As the Treasurer of the Professional Accounting Society, I sincerely enjoy handling the monetary aspects of the club and preventing overzealous members from spending to much. I have also had a great experience being a fashion model to show LETU students how to dress for an interview. PAS has pushed me to interact more with the student body and to look out for the welfare of the University. Because of this, I have helped push PAS to start helping the merge of educational schools across campus into a cohesive unit. My desire is that its members will be the beginnings of a truly universal education at LETU as we move toward cooperation between the University's Schools. "