November 20, 2011- Dinner at Mrs. Bellamy's

PAS met for dinner to celebrate a successful semester. This was also a time to bring other students that might be interested in joining us next semester. We're always interested in new members and new ideas!

November 8, 2011- Scrabble with Friends

The East Texas Literacy Council invited PAS and Sigma Beta Delta to keep the scores at this scrabble tournament. This fundraiser offered prizes for the top score as well as a silent auction. PAS members enjoyed their time serving the community and look forward to participating in another community service project soon.  

October 25, 2011- Go Pro: Career Fair Readiness

PAS in conjunction with Dillard's hosted a seminar to discuss business attire. T.J. Johnson, a manager from the Dillard's here in Longview, gave a presentation over business casual and business professional, as well as how to dress for the career fair. He used four students as models to show examples of what he was talking about. PAS was able to hand out four Dillard's gift cards to random members of the audience to help them build their work wardrobe. 

Watch the video LeTourneau created about this event now!

October 20, 2011- Career Readiness

Career Services and PAS hosted Angie Book and Sandra White from the Human Resources Department at Gulfstream Aerospace on Thursday. They shared interview tips, resume tips, and general information to help students prepare for the career fair. In order to show our gratitude, PAS gave them a gift and certificate of appreciation. 


October 4, 2011- Picture Taking

PAS met and took group pictures. From left to right and top to bottom, members include: Wendy Qin, Trifena Sutanto, Mercy Liaw, Trang "Jane" Tran, Samuel Epp, David Hansen, Christy von Dohren, Jonathan Kalkan, Nick Nguyen, and Isaac Naatz.

September 9, 2011- Dinner at Mrs. Bellamy's

PAS met at Mrs. Bellamy's house for dinner and a chance to get to know the new members. We also talked about fundraising ideas and the main projects we want to focus on this semester.

September 6, 2011- First Meeting of the New Semester

PAS met as a full group today, new members included! We talked about the upcoming events for the semester. We also elected a treasurer, Samuel Epp, and a chair of the Media Committee, Isaac Naatz. We're excited to have them work with us over the next year. We will be having dinner at Mrs. Bellamy's house on Friday to encourage us to get to know each other.

August 26, 2011- STOMP

PAS set up an informational table at the annual LeTourneau event, STOMP. This is where all student organizations have the opportunity to let new students learn about the organizations around campus and see what they might be interested in joining. We had a good number of new people sign up to learn more about joining PAS. We're excited to welcome them in and let them get involved with the activities for this semester!

April 26, 2011- Longview Community Professionals Dinner

PAS invited several businesses in the Longview area to have dinner with the Professional Accounting Society in the Belcher Center. This was a time for local businesses to speak with students involved in PAS and learn more about the School of Business from the dean, Dr. Bob Wharton.

PAS had ten members at this event and around 30 business professionals. This event was a great success and we look forward to next year when we plan to hold another dinner.

April 26, 2011- Executive Board Vote for 2011-2012 Academic Year

PAS held their 2011-2012 elections. It was decided that in June, the executive board members will include: David Hansen, president; Christy von Dohren, vice president; and Trang "Jane" Tran, secretary.

April 23, 2011- Car Wash at Olive Garden

PAS hosted a car wash at the Olive Garden in Longview. This was a great way for PAS to raise money needed for the Longview Community Professionals Dinner, as well as other future plans.  

April 10, 2011- Fundraiser Meeting

PAS met at Mrs. Bellamy's house for dinner and the opportunity to discuss various fundraiser ideas. We decided to have a car wash on April 23.

March 29, 2011- Picture Taking

During one of the PAS meetings, LeTourneau University's photographer took official pictures of the group. From top to bottom and left to right, the members include Trang Tran (Secretary), Julie Smith, Jonathan Grant, Carlos Cantu, Anthony Martinez, David Hansen, Missy Cain (President), Anthony Villarreal, Christy von Dohren (Treasurer), Aimeng Zhang (Reporter), Mercy Liaw (Historian), Kita Lacy, Trifena Sutanto, Heidi Morgan, and David Smith.  

March 25, 2011- Brainstorm Meeting

PAS met at Mrs. Bellamy's house to have dinner and brainstorm ways to raise funds for the group. Many great ideas were discussed, and they will begin to be implemented. Keep an eye out for us! 

February 5, 2011- Valentine's Cards

PAS worked together at Mrs. Bellamy's house to create about 25 Valentine's cards for children in the hospital on Valentine's Day. We were able to drop them off at KVNE, the local Christian radio station, who dispersed the cards to children in East Texas. KVNE created this opportunity for their listening area to bless the lives of children in East Texas Medical Center, ETMC Behavioral Health Center and Trinity Mother Frances hospitals in Tyler, Good Shepherd in Longview, the Truman Smith Children's Care Center in Gladewater as well as others.