Misty Raley: Class of 2013, Marketing Major

"I had the privilege of working as an intern in Xiamen, China for Common Talk Weekly, which is an English learning newspaper published by Xiamen Daily.  

"My co-workers were amazing in helping my transition into Chinese culture and in developing my language skills. My favorite projects I completed were 4, full-spread featured articles that I wrote and the promotional ads that I also wrote for Le Meridien Hotel.  

Some of the perks I was given on the job were: free travel to exciting locations all over the surrounding area of Xiamen, enjoying 5 star dining experiences each meal, and various free gifts from my hosts while completing interviews and attending business meetings.

"I broadened my network of both influential Chinese and expats (meaning foreigners living long term in China).  It was exhausting at times, but it was quite the experience I'll never forget. I learned some valuable lessons about the world, China, business, and myself." 


Cullen Griffin:  Class of 2012, Marketing Major

“A main aspect of my work was to make sure all the public service announcements, media messages, and marketing messages are free from spelling error and have correct dates and logos. I also helped to coordinate the Saucy Sprint Taco Bell race at the bottom of the 5th inning, ensured that all messages are showed at the precise times, and created the videos for Wild Plays by Houston Zoo which is a series of bloopers played in front of the Astros Fans.

Some of my everyday work included preparing videos, advertisements, and messages for public view. LETU's online programs are a very convenient way to go to school while working odd and strenuous hours. My initial thought was to take the semester off and graduate Fall 2012, but LETU's online programs made it possible for me to graduate on time. If anyone works a full time job or has other duties such as family, kids etc. "