Study Abroad

At LETU’s School of Business, we encourage our students to take advantage of all opportunities at LETU and across the globe. That's why we offer students several options that make a semester abroad a realistic possibility. We want to prepare our students for their calling in every workplace and in every nation. Check out some options below. 
  • Handong Global University
    Educational Partnership Studying at Handong Global University, LeTourneau University's sister school, provides students not only classroom education but also cultural diversity and international experiences that students will carry with them throughout their lives.
  • BestSemester (CCCU)
    Program Affiliation Best Semester offers exciting semester study experiences in locations around the globe, including the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe.
  • Internships Overseas
    This distinctive option in the study abroad initiative enables a student to complete an internship overseas while taking online classes at LeTourneau.
  • International Class Trips
    Culture & Language Perhaps a semester abroad seems a bit daunting, but traveling abroad is still an interest. LeTourneau offers several trips that can satisfy course credit and provide short-term cultural immersion. These trips are usually available during the summer, Christmas Break, or Spring Break.
  • Create Your Own
    Design Your Own Study Abroad Experience None of these options really resonate with you? Create your own study abroad experience! Find a school, internship, or program that you would like to be involved with, and let us help you work it into your academic journey. The possibilities are endless.

Interested in Studying Abroad?
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