Mathematics Careers

A math degree at LeTourneau University can open numerous doors, from teaching to graduate school and research positions. 

Mathematicians are a part of just about every business and industry you could imagine. They model natural and economic systems, analyze financial investments, investigate business risks, develop security strategies for national and industrial secrets, find better ways to organize and conduct computer operations, apply statistical methods to solve problems, teach and conduct research.

Not to mention, math majors’ post-grad potential earns some serious respect. A 2009 study shows that the top three best jobs in terms of factors including income, environment, employment outlook and stress are careers suited for math majors. Plus, CNN Money research reveals the top 15 highest-earning college degrees have a common element: math skills.

Due to the flexibility of our program, our graduates are ready to work in a wide array of fields, including:

  • Insurance firms
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Financial firms
  • School systems (K-12)
  • The defense industry
  • Engineering firms
  • Graduate programs at research universities

Check out a few things you can do with a math degree:

Career info from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics: