Student Opportunities

Study Abroad

Here at LeTourneau, our motto is "Every Workplace. Every Nation." We are passionate about training up students that are not only academically excellent, but globally cultured as well.


Semester Abroad

Expand your world even further by studying America’s roots in Washington, D.C. or other world cultures in a foreign country. Internships are also available through the Off-Campus Semester Study program offered through LeTourneau University's membership in the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities. Programs of special interest to History & Political Science majors include:

Discover more details through our Office of International Studies.


Historical Study Trips

Sometimes it's not enough to learn about history in the classroom. We strive to make history come alive by hosting regular Spring Break study trips that allow you to see and experience important historical sites for yourself while giving you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a foreign culture firsthand.

Spring 2013 - History and Culture of Scotland:

Students spent a week visiting Scottish sites, including Inverness, Rosslyn Chapel, Balmoral Castle and Loch Ness, guided by an experienced tour manager and several LeTourneau faculty with historical knowledge of this beautiful country.

Spring 2010 - Israel and the Conflict of Peoples:

Students explored the rich culture of biblical history while they grappled with the contemporary struggle between Jew and Arab in the modern state of Israel. Students focused on Israel since 1948 and were able to view battle sites in past Arab-Israeli conflicts as well as evaluate the impact of the Holocaust through visits to the Atlit holding camp and the Yad Vashem memorial.


Internship Opportunities

We don’t just study history at LeTourneau. We encourage students to begin applying what they learn in today’s real-world situations. Students are encouraged to complete at least one internship prior to graduation.

Job Opportunities

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