Stephen Casey

2008-2009 Judicial Clerk for Texas Supreme Court Justice Scott A. Brister

Graduated: December 2003
Double Major: History-Political Science (Pre-Law) and Biblical Studies
Graduate School: M.Div, J.D., Regent University
Hometown: Longview, TX

My life, particularly my time at LeTourneau, is the vindication that time, experience, and wisdom have over youthful rebellion. I was a marginal student in high school, with a 2.52 GPA. God used my time in the Navy to solve that problem (lack of motivation). Leaving the Navy, God showed me that he wanted me to go to school full-time. I had always intended to be a Bible major, yet my time in the Navy allowed me to waive my math, science, and lab courses. This freed up enough hours for me to double-major and add history-political science.

God had revealed to me that He wanted me to be a lawyer. I believe that the curriculum afforded me within the history-political science discipline at LeTourneau has more than adequately prepared me for graduate school and law school. Not only does the academic rigor of LeTourneau pay dividends in preparing me for the expectations of seminary and law level writing, but the moral lessons one encounters within the curriculum at LeTourneau ensures that I have not gone out into the world ignorant of both historical and contemporary issues critical to Christianity.

I was the student in the class who always asked the most questions. Know this -- I was completely satisfied in the LeTourneau classroom. The professors at LeTourneau are dedicated scholars within their fields of study. I knew that at any time they would have at their disposal the resources - whether by their own studies, in their personal library, or through referral - that I needed to succeed and grow in my scholarship. However, the faith application dimension of LeTourneau University allows for professors to challenge and help stretch us in our walk with Christ. Spending time with them at fellowships within their homes brings a personal interest one does not find everywhere. Such professional, personal concern took this marginal high-school student from the depths of academic mediocrity and propelled me to graduating with honors.

I am a fruit of their labors, an "arrow" shot out from their "bow" to change the world for Christ. I am excited when I consider how God may use me, and I know that laying the foundation of godly pursuit and academic excellence at LeTourneau was the right choice.