Why study CS at LETU?

Why do many of our students decide to start their college career in computer science at LeTourneau University? Here are some of the most common responses.


Christ-Centered Instruction

LeTourneau University is an independent Christian center for higher education. The leaders of this community continually strive to preserve and enhance the growth in Christ-like attributes in all areas of campus activity.

The mandate to integrate faith and learning is not limited to courses in the humanities, but is a requirement all curriculum, even those which do not appear to have an explicit spiritual component, such as technology.

LeTourneau students frequently comment about the spiritual presence experienced on campus. This feeling of oneness in being a member of Christ's body encompasses the students, the faculty and the administration.


High Instructor-to-Student Ratio

LeTourneau University boasts low class sizes, which encourage better communication between the students and instructor. Smaller class sizes also increase the potential and effectiveness of technology in the classroom.


Strong Foundation with Practical Emphasis

Each course in the computer science curriculum contains topics which are specifically chosen to contribute to the establishment of a solid foundation. This essential task of exposing the student to key concepts encourages the inclusion of current, state-of-the-art, practical applications.


Tradition of Success in Competitions

LeTourneau University's programming teams have established a winning tradition in intercollegiate competitions. Since 1993, LETU student teams have regularly placed in the top of their division and have won several first and second place overall awards. Last year, a team of LETU students won first place in the ICPC regional competition, earning them a change to compete in the world finals in St. Petersburg, Russia. The success of these student teams is a testimony to the type of student who comes to LeTourneau, your future colleagues on campus. 

Need more reasons? Contact the department. We'd enjoy sharing other reasons why we think LeTourneau University is a great place for you to study computer science. E-mail us at ComputerScience@letu.edu or give us a call at (903)-233-3397.