Dr. Vivian Fernand

Dr. Vivian Fernand

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Email: VivianFernand@letu.edu
Phone: (903) 233-3365
Office: Glaske O-147



Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, Louisiana State University
M.Sc., Forestry, Louisiana State University
B.Sc., Agriculture, University of Suriname


Courses Taught

  • General Chemistry I
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Forensic Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry



 2012-Present  Assistant Professor of Chemistry
 LeTourneau University
 2012  Adjunct Instructor, School of Arts, Sciences and Health Professions
 Our Lady of the Lake College
 2011-2012  Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Chemistry
 Louisiana State University
 2009-2011  Postdoctoral Research Associate, Nutrient Sensing and Adipocyte Signaling Laboratory
 Pennington Biomedical Research Center
 2003-2009  Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Chemistry
 Louisiana State University
 2003-2006  Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Chemistry
 Louisiana State University
 2000-2002  Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Renewable Natural Resources
 Louisiana State University
 1999-2000  Research Associate, Center for Agricultural Research in Suriname
 University of Suriname
 1997  Undergraduate Research Internship, Agricultural Chemistry Department
 Louisiana State University



  • COACh Travel Award, 2011
  • NOBCChE Student Advancing Science Award, 2011 and 2009
  • Kiran Allam International Award for Outstanding Research and Teaching in Chemistry, LSU, 2008 - 2009
  • Graduate School Travel Award (PITTCON), LSU, 2005 - 2007
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Graduate Mentor Award, LSU, 2004 - 2005
  • Colgate Palmolive Teaching Award for Excellence in Teaching, LSU, 2004



  • Magut, P.K.S.; Das, S.; Fernand, V.E.; Losso, J.; Mcdonough, K.; Naylor, B.M.; Aggarwal, S.; Warner, I.M. “Tunable Toxicity of Cationic Dyes using Counter Anion Variations.” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2013, 135, 15873–15879.
  • Stavrou, I.J.; Moore Jr., L.; Fernand, V.E.; Kapnissi-Christodoulou, C.P.; Warner, I.M. “Facile Preparation of Polysaccharide-Coated Capillaries Using a Room Temperature Ionic Liquid for Chiral Separations.” Electrophoresis 2013, 34, 1334-1338.
  • Wang, C.; de Rooy, S.; Lu, C.; Fernand, V.; Moore Jr., L.; Berton, P.; Warner, I.M. “An Immobilized Graphene Oxide Stationary Phase for Open-Tubular Capillary Electrochromatography.” Electrophoresis 2013, 34, 1197-1202.
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  • Das, S.; Sylvain, M.R.; Fernand, V.E.; Losso, J.N.; El-Zahab, B.; Warner, I.M. “Positive Cooperative Mechanistic Binding of Proteins at Low Concentrations: A Comparison of poly (sodium N-undecanoyl sulfate) and Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate.” Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2011, 363, 585-594.
  • Fernand, V.E.; Losso, J.N.; Traux, R.E.; Villar, E.E.; Bwambok, D.K.; Fakayode, S.O.; Lowry, M.; Warner, I.M. “Rhein inhibits angiogenesis and the viability of hormone-dependent and -independent cancer cells under normoxic or hypoxic conditions in vitro.” Chemico-Biological Interactions 2011, 192, 220-232.
  • Fernand, V.E.; Dinh, D.T.; Washington, S.J.; Fakayode, S.O.; Losso, J. N.; van Ravenswaay, R.O.; Warner, I.M. “Determination of Pharmacologically Active Compounds in Root Extracts of Cassia alata L. by use of High Performance Liquid Chromatography.” Talanta 2008, 74, 896-902.
  • Bwambok, D.K.; Marwani, H.M.; Fernand, V.E.; Fakayode, S.O.; Lowry, M.; Negulescu, I.; Strongin, R.M.; Warner, I.M. “Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Chiral Ionic Liquids and Investigation of their Enantiomeric Recognition Properties.” Chirality 2008, 20, 151-158.
  • Valle, B.C.; Morris, K.F.; Fletcher, K.A.; Fernand, V. E.; Sword, D.M; Eldridge, S.; Larive, C.K.; Warner, I.M. “Understanding Chiral Molecular Micellar Separations Using Steady-State Fluorescence Anistropy, Capillary Electrophoresis, and NMR” Langmuir 2007, 23, 425-435.

Scholarly Activities and Professional Organizations

  • Referee for Molecules, 2013 - Present
  • Welch Departmental Grant, LeTourneau University, 2012 – Present
  • Patent by Warner, I.M; Magut, P.K.S.; Das, S.; Losso, J.; Aggarwal, S.; Fernand, V.E. “Tunable Anti-Tumor Selectivity of Cationic Dyes through Counter Anion Variations.” Louisiana State University (Patent number: 1308), 2012.
  • National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE), 2004 – Present
  • American Chemical Society (ACS), 2003 - Present