Wheels Team

2016-17 Team Members

Kathryn Baker, BME

wheels2017-1The Wheels project was an amazing opportunity to do something outside of my regular schoolwork to benefit those across the world. It challenged me to surrender my comfort zone for the sake of others, and it taught me how to do research well. I have profited from this experience not only academically but also spiritually as God taught me more about Himself and what that means for my future vocation.

Bridey Davis, Kinesiology

I joined the Wheels Team because I want to help improve the lives of people with disabilities. Wheels has allowed me to be part of a positive change for wheelchair users in low resource areas. Not only have I had the opportunity to bless others, I have also been able to participate in real-world research. It has been an incredibly worthwhile experience.

Natalie Dottle, BME

wheels2017-3I saw so many smiles on the faces of kids who live a life harder than I ever have. I experienced research, and even had the opportunity to shadow at a Prosthetics and Orthotics workshop. Learning Swahili and interacting with Kenyan friends were important parts of my time. The hard work was worth it, and the benefits continue to show in my career as a Biomedical engineering student.

Joel Noble, Biology

wheels2017-2The Wheels trip was an extremely worthwhile experience to me. I couldn't think of a more unique and exploratory way to spend my research time. The opportunity to travel with a fantastic group, with the addition of helping such a worthwhile cause was beyond gratifying. No matter our backgrounds or goals, the Wheels team found a place for all our work to shine, and I can't wait to see what the future of the project holds.

Jason Saler, Computer Science

wheels2017-4Joining the Wheels research team was one of the best decisions I have made. I was able to make meaningful friendships with my teammates and in Kenya with the students and helpers. It was amazing to help the disabled students by fixing wheelchairs, providing new chairs and researching how to improve the chair designs. On top of all these great experiences, my favorite aspect of being on the Wheels research team was being able to witness the software that I wrote over the course of a year, directly affecting the lives of the disabled children positively. It's something that many software developers hope for, but may never have the chance to do. I'm happy that even though I was only able to be on the team for one year, my software application will continue to make research easier, faster and more accurate and continue to positively affect the lives of the disabled for years to come.



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Faculty Advisor

Karen Rispin 

Associate Professor of Biology, 
& Advisor for Pre-Health Tracks
Office: Glaske O-144 
Phone: 903-233-3352