Alumni & Careers


Josh Howlett

    Youth Pastor Work
    Woodville Grace Brethren Church


Hey! Josh Howlett here… I have been out of college for almost three and a half years now and my professors are still giving me assignments. They asked me to share a little about what God has been doing through my current occupation. Read more...

Steven Vance

    Study Abroad Experience
    Jerusalem University College


A lifelong dream came true when I received a scholarship to study at Jerusalem University College in Israel. I learned more than I could possibly explain in a short paragraph and made many new friends.  It was a lot of work but worth every minute! Read more...

Rachel Tidwell

    Children's Ministry Experience
    Macedonia Baptist Church


I worked with all the kids, but specifically with the 5th and 6th grade girls in their Sunday School class on Sunday mornings and their small group on Wednesday nights. I also helped to lead worship. Read more...


Our graduates have gone on to pursue a number of careers and further education, including:

  • Seminary students
  • Pastors
  • Military chaplains
  • Teachers
  • Missionaries
  • Church staff




Others now work in a variety of missionary organizations and Christian ministries, and many choose to work with youth ministries.


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