Bradley Wooden

Brad Wooden

Associate Professor & Assistant Chief Flight Instructor, Flight Science

(903) 233-4267

Began teaching at LETU in Fall 2005



I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. I began attending LeTourneau University in the fall of 1992. After graduating from LETU, I started flight instructing, then moved onto a career in the airlines. While in the airlines, I quickly discovered that being an airline pilot was not my passion and sought teaching positions within the airline industry.

An opportunity came available to return and teach at LETU. I “retired” from the airlines and came back to teach junior and senior level Professional Flight courses. I was married in 1999 to a local girl I met after graduation. We have two children, Danielle and Cooper.


Education and Training


Awards, Grants, and Certifications

  • National Intercollegiate Flying Association "Coach of the Year" award, June 2011.
  • FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor
  • FAA Wings Program Phase Three
  • NAFI Master CFI
  • FAA Airline Transport Pilot, Multi-engine Airplane, April 2005
  • FAA Certified Flight Instructor Single and Multiengine with Instrument, April 2004
  • FAA Certified Advanced Ground Instructor, April 2004
  • FAA Airline Transport Pilot, 2003
  • FAA Commercial Pilot, Single-engine Airplane, June 1997
  • FAA Flight Instructor, 1997
  • FAA Certified Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic Rating, 1995


Professional Activities

  • FAA Certified Flight Instructor Renewal Course, April 2006
  • Sky West Airlines "Left Seat" Class, April 2004
  • FAA Certified Flight Instructor Renewal Course, April 2004


Service (Community Involvement)

  • Fellowship Bible Church: College E&E teacher
  • Faculty sponsor for the National Intercollegiate Flight Association (NIFA)
  • National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) Faculty Coach, 2005
  • STING Precision Flight Team faculty advisor, 2004-2010
  • STING Precision Flight Team Coach, 2004-2008
    • First place in Regional, 2008
    • Second Place in Regional, 2007
    • First place in Regional, 2006
    • Second place in Regional, 2005
    • Third place in Regional, 2004


Personal Statement

I am at LETU because I love to teach and interact with college students. I gave up a lucrative airline career because it was not my passion. God took me down the road He did because He knew that I needed to be there, in order to eventually be here. I hope to help students make an informed decision about what they want to achieve in the aviation industry. Everyone doesn’t have to be an airline pilot.