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About ExpressJet

LeTourneau University has partnered with ExpressJet to offer the Airline Pilot Pathway Program (AP3) to eligible students. This is an exciting opportunity for students to receive mentoring from current airline flight crew!

ExpressJet is the world’s largest regional airline with 8,500 aviation professionals, an average of 1,600 daily flights and an all-jet fleet of 317 aircraft. ExpressJet operates as American Eagle, Delta Connection and United Express to serve more than 180 airports in the U.S., Bahamas, Canada, Cayman Islands, Mexico and Turks and Caicos Islands.

SkyWest, Inc., the parent company of ExpressJet, was named one of America's best employer's by Forbes.


Airline Pilot Pathway Program Steps (AP3)

AP3 offers a clearly-defined path from LeTourneau University aviation student to airline pilot with ExpressJet Airlines. As part of the AP3 program, you'll have access to mentoring from current ExpressJet pilots, access to resources to support your career goals, internship opportunities and professional networking experiences.

  1. Join AP3 Website
    • Complete registration at expressjet.com/ap3. Provide your best estimate on things like flight times, etc. Don't worry - you can update these at any time by editing your Member Profile.
    • Explore the website and become familiar with events and event registration for your school, your school's forum, and additional resources available on the site.
  2. Connect with your EPIC Ambassadors
    • Post your introduction on your school's AP3 Forum. Include your hobbies, interests and aspirations. Make sure to ask any questions you may have.
    • An EPIC Ambassador for your school will contact you via the forum. ExpressJet EPIC Ambassadors are line pilots who volunteer their time to offer career guidance and industry information. Most of them are local to the area or alum.
  3. Register for Events
    • Look at the events tab to find events connected to your school. You should plan on attending classroom presentations on educational topics throughout your educations. Opportunities to expand your professional network will be available to you.
    • Event Types include career fairs, flight line visits and classroom presentations.
  4. Complete Instrument Certificate
    • Upon completion of instrument rating and during their junior year, applicants are eligible to complete AP3 Testing, which will result in a conditional offer of employment with ExpressJet Airlines.
  5. Upload your Resume
    • Upload your Member Profile with your resume.
    • Include current qualifications, flight times and extra-curricular activities.
  6. Complete AP3 Testing (typically Junior Year)
    • AP3 Testing for your school will be listed under the Events tab. We will send out an announcement email that AP3 Testing registration is open for your school.
    • Register and select a time slot for your AP3 Testing.
    • Prep for the AP3 Testing using the "AP3 Test Prep" tab as guidance. LeTourneau University also will provide testing preparation assistance and interview preparation help.
  7. Receive Conditional Job Offer
    • Demonstrate excellence in your AP3 Testing with ExpressJet recruiters and receive your conditional job offer immediately.
    • Review the guidelines and conditions of your Conditional Job Offer on the "Conditional Job Offer" tab.
  8. Complete Internship (Optional Step)
    • Explore Internship options on the "Internship" tab. You can complete your internship before or after your AP3 Testing. You are not restricted to an internship posted on the AP3 website.
    • Apply for internships.
    • Once selected for internship, update your profile to reflect your completed internship.
  9. Earn your CFI at LeTourneau University
    • The CFI Rating is a vital part of the AP3 program.
    • Update your Member Profile to reflect added qualifications.
    • Submit an official transcript.
  10. Flight instruct and build experience
    • Instruct at your school, or another AP3 school, if possible.
    • Use the CFI tab on AP3 website to explore CFI opportunities outside of your school.
    • If you cannot instruct at an AP3 school, contact ExpressJet to discuss your CFI options.
  11. Complete Application for ExpressJet on AirlineApps.com
    • Within six months of meeting current hiring minimums, complete your AirlineApps.com application and select ExpressJet as the recipient airline.
    • Update your Member Profile to reflect completion of your application and added qualifications.
  12. Complete Screening and Interview Process
    • ExpressJet will fly you to Houston or Atlanta to complete an abbreviated interview process, drug testing, and background check to satisfy the remaining conditions of your Conditional Offer of Employment.
  13. Complete ATP CTP Training at ExpressJet
    • Upon successful completion of Screening and Interview Process, you'll be given an ATP CTP class date and study materials.
  14. Begin New Hire Training with ExpressJet
    • Welcome to the next step in your professional aviation career! ExpressJet is the world's largest regional airline offering industry leading work rules and compensation.
    • Our core values guide us as we work to achieve our vision:
      • We put safety first
      • We treat people with dignity and respect
      • We act with integrity
      • We continuously improve
      • We are accountable


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AP3 Applicant Requirements

  • Sign release and agreement
  • Graduate from LeTourneau University
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.75, 3.0 in Major
  • Instruct at school or approved alternative
  • First class medical prior to AP3 Testing
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Good work ethic, excellent aviator, well-groomed
  • Love to fly