LeTourneau University Mission Aviation

The purpose of LUMA is to offer opportunities for students to connect with one another for friendship and support as they pursue the goal of flying or aircraft maintenance for mission aviation. We help offer opportunities for students to connect with mission organizations through events, while encouraging contact with missionaries around the world. LUMA also provides opportunities for students to be involved in local missions and service projects as they prepare to go overseas.

Although geared towards mission aviation students, anyone who is interested in mission work is welcome


Learning from Seasoned Missions Professionals

LUMA actively seeks opportunities to have people with mission and job/skill/life experiences (aviation and non-aviation) come and speak with the team.

LUMA's goal is to connect students with professionals who can share what it really means to be a missionary.

Topics of discussion may include:

  • raising support while overseas and in the states
  • learning a language/linguistics
  • humanitarian work
  • preaching the gospel
  • dealing with difficult governments/persecution
  • dealing with locals/other missionaries
  • raising a family overseas


Vision Trips

Vision Trips are where the rubber meets the runway. A Vision Trip is a short (2-3 weeks) international field experience with a mission organization. These trips are designed to provide the student with a realistic picture of mission aviation.

Vision trips must be completed with an established mission aviation organization under the supervision of a full time missionary aviator.

Over the years, LETU students have traveled all over the globe to complete their Vision Trips. Just a few of the countries visited include:

  • Lesotho (Located in southern Africa)
  • Kenya
  • Alaska
  • Yap
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Indonesia
  • Peru
  • Ecuador


Interested in joining LUMA?


Matt Poelman

LUMA Faculty Advisor,
Associate Professor of Applied Aviation Sciences

(903) 233-4224