Radar Lab Image Gallery

The Radar Lab is a 10-position ATCoach ® radar simulator. With voice recognition and voice automated simulation, controllers receive immediate feedback on their phraseology and learn to say it right the first time.

When enrolled in radar courses, students receive up to four hours of simulation practice a week to hone their skills as air traffic controllers.

Controllers get practice not only at working traffic, but ensuring that scenarios are working properly for their partner by handling calls from other sectors, adjusting flight paths, and handling other radar assistant roles.

Practice using the - Enhanced Terminal Voice Swith - equipment used by controllers to speak on various radio frequencies. Gain a better picture of point outs, handoffs, and traffic calls with this functionality.

The ATC Labs employs UFA, Inc. High Fidelity simulators providing students with the highest level of training.

Receive regular training from instructors and lab assistants to master your traffic working skills.